About Us

About Us

You have come face to face with the toughest and most aggressive gun cleaning product there is.

Welcome to Grizzly Country!

Grizzly Gun Care brings an American Made all-in-one gun cleaning product to the avid sportsman, shooting enthusiast, military, and law enforcment.  Grizzly Gun care has a committment to being Aggressive, Safe, and Clean.

Grizzly Gun Care's MIL-SPEC formula can withstand the harsh -50F Arctic conditions, and even the hottest desert environments (it’s one MEAN S.O.B.), it also has one VERY important characteristic; it is safe.  That’s right, SAFE.  Grizzly Gun Care’s Non-Toxic CLP is just that; NON-TOXIC.  It is engineered to meet the rigorous standards of Military Special Forces and is approved as a USDA Certified Bio-Based gun-care product.  It cleans, it lubricates, and it protects your firearm from all of those nasty elements like rust, copper and lead build up; and it does it safely.  It is made to withstand the toughest of elements here in the Grizzly backwoods.  Your firearm will work when you need it to!  We invite you to put your current gun cleaner up against our Grizzly!  We’ll warn you though; your current harmful-chemical based formula will just end up playing dead.  Look no further, you’ve come face to face with the last Gun Care product you will ever need…  Welcome to Grizzly Gun Care.

Grizzly Gun Care’s Non-Toxic CLP performs best when used alone!  You don’t need to oil up your weapon.  Grizzly Gun Care’s unique formula seasons the metal to create a surface that is resistant to moisture.   The end result is a “dry lubed” surface that reduces jams and friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust and build-up. This aggressive formula attacks carbon on contact but also maintains an element of safety that is rare to the industry.  The Non-Toxic Bio-Based formula is safe to handle, safe to smell, safe to use on all firearm surfaces, and safe to dispose of.