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    As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, I only use the best equipment. That's especially true with my firearms and bows. Grizzly Gun Care products help protect my investments by repelling water and keeping rust and corrosion at bay. You will not find a better product to treat and clean your firearms and bows with .


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    I have used firearms my entire life, and carry them everyday in my professional career, so a product that cleans well and protects and lubricates is essential to me. Grizzly Gun Care does all of that and more. I've used it on poly frames, steel frames and everything in between and this product exceeds anything else I've tried. The thicker texture of the product also keeps it from seeping into places it shouldn't, therefore eliminating dirt and gunk build up in areas that are tough to access and clean. Not only does this product clean your firearms quickly, it makes follow up cleanings faster, and easier. You won't be disappointed .


  • Carter.png
    I received this cleaner last week. Yesterday I finally found the time to put it to use. I have to say I was impressed. The lube isn't super runny and doesn't drip everywhere. The grease is a very high quality grease. I racked the action a few times and the grease smoothed everything out. I have an old Mossberg .22LR bolt gun. It has very tight tolerances and has always had a "sticky" bolt. I've tried other greases and CLP's. I pulled the gun out of the safe and pulled the bolt. I lubed the bolt inside and out and stuck it back in the gun. It made a world of difference! It was quite a bit smoother just from using the CLP. This stuff is great! The lube stays where I put it. I like that. It cleans very very well. I'm impressed. I’ve provided a picture of the patches I used in a Mosin-Nagant. I "cleaned" it last week with what I normally use. Well, today I pulled it back out and thought I'd see if it would pull anything else out. Well you can see how much was still left in the bore with my normal cleaning routine. Then using the CLP I started cleaning like I normally do. I was so surprised about this. I started out and the patch was black. Then ONLY four more patches and the only color on the patch was the CLP. It got rid of all the gunk in just a couple swipes. It cleaned un-burnt powder with ease. This stuff is absolutely the best stuff I've ever used. I will definitely be rebuying this once I'm out. The other great thing about the CLP and grease is that it doesn't stink, it smells like mint and it doesn't ruin clothes or your skin being non-toxic. I also really like that they are USA based out of Rockford, MI, just a few towns over from me. And I always like to support local companies when I can. When you put out products like this, its hard not to give them my support. Your products have won me over .


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    Finally got a chance to try this kit out. It is well thought out and the "tupperware" container is great for keeping everything together. I really like the CLP as it is more gel like and makes it easy to not make a mess while using it. This is so different than other cleaning products that I have used because it smells so different than what I usually use. The odor is very clean and not offensive like other cleaners. The brush works very well, and has nice stiff bristles. The Grizzly skin works well for a final cleanup to wipe everything down when done and leaves a nice protection layer on the gun for storage. The Grizzly Grease has the consistency of beeswax and is very nice for greasing up exactly where you want to grease and not all over the gun .


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    I have taken time to test all of the products in the kit.
    Pros:  Non-toxic smells like fresh mint.  The viscosity of the grizzly lube is gel like and sticks right where you put it after you cycle the firearm it melts like butter and works itself in.  The grease is absolutely fabulous awesome.  My Sig 226 operates like it has no friction at all.  The absolute best thing about the products is that it's a combination of a CLP makes crew cleaning a breeze as you just wipe it down.  The cloths great for a quick wipe down.
    Cons:  It will no longer be a labor of love to clean and protect firearms.
    Grizzly Gun Care is the only CLP that will touch ever my firearms again!!! .


  • TN.gif
    I recently tried the Grizzly Lube, this product is really nice you will just have to try it to believe it. I am not the type of hunter that just talks about hunting or watches it on TV... I am out in all types of weather! I have been sneaking up on turkeys while a tornado touched down within a mile of where I was! I'm either a crazy or serious hunter, with very little difference but that is how I hunt! When I tried Grizzly Lube the first thing I noticed was how it made the metal on my gun look it was like new. The action is so smooth feeling you will notice that as soon as you work it. The action will be smoother on bolts and pump action semi-automatic actions which actually works faster but before I bragged too much on this I wanted to see how much dust, burnt powder and such would stick to the action on the guns. Well I threw some coveralls over my gun unknowingly they had sand all over them my gun was covered with sand I picked up my gun and was able to blow the sand off and worked the action two or three times blowing it off as I worked it and sand came right off just like water so don't take my word for it, try Grizzly Lube. I don't think you can put it through more than I do. I don't hunt from the couch, I'm in the weather and from now on, Grizzly Lube will be on my guns .


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    First off I have been using Froglube for the past couple of years and was overall pleased with it just not fully satisfied with it. I used Froglube on all of my Department issued rifles, handguns, as well as my off duty guns. Living in the South and the extreme weather we sometimes have here especially the humidity during the summer and it causes rust quick if you don’t keep a close eye on them. It's constantly a battle with the elements vs. weapons running properly. So I went to the internet and began my research into a gun oil that I could use in both extreme cold and extreme hot, plus one that would run good. I came across Grizzly Gun Care on Facebook nonetheless, and at first I must admit I thought "Oh great someone else is coming out with the newest and best thing and putting it all over Facebook". However after seeing it pop up on my Facebook page I figured I’d look into it since I wasn't finding any oil that caught my eye. After doing research on the net about Grizzly Gun Care I saw all of the great reviews about it, however did not put any stock into it. I don’t mean to sound negative but when it comes to weapons that I have to put my life on the line with on duty and off duty and SWAT Callouts I tend to be a little OCD. After thinking about it I sent an email to Grizzly Gun Care to see if they had a smaller sample pack, and was pleased when I got a quick response. The owner was super nice enough to send me a complete set up. Ok, on to first impressions. When I received the package I have to say it was great it came with a brush, towel, paste, and the liquid oil. After unpacking everything I was eager to try it out. So I stripped my off duty Glock 19 and applied it. First thing I really liked was the thickness of the Grizzly Lube. There was no mess when I applied which I think is great. After applying it I took my Glock 19 to the range and fired 300 rounds through it, then covered my Glock in sand pulled it out and fired another 150 rounds. All of which ran flawlessly. Due to rain I ended my range time there. When I got back home I stripped my gun down and noticed the typical excessive shooting carbon and grime mixed with sand, and noticed that the weapon was still holding strong. Several days later I went back out and fired the same course again and again had no malfunctions. I did clean my weapon when I got home that night and realized that the ease of cleaning most of which I wiped off with a rag. Since then I have tested the Grizzly Gun Care on my M4, MP5 (9mm), and several of my 1911’s and Glocks, and have had zero malfunctions or noticed any gumming up around the internals that a lot of oils cause. On a final note I would and do trust Grizzly Gun Care with my weapons and will continue to use them exclusively. I am also going to be doing another several hundred round test this winter when the temperature gets around 20 degrees or colder to see how it works in cold weather. I have and will recommend this product to everyone. It has definitely surprised me how great it works. I’m also comfortable saying that I will trust this going on my duty weapons .


Welcome to Grizzly Country! You have come face to face with the toughest and most aggressive gun cleaning product there is. While this MILSPEC formula can withstand the harsh -50F Arctic conditions, and even the hottest desert environments (it’s one MEAN S.O.B.), it also has one VERY important characteristic; it is safe.