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Grizzly Mat Gun Cleaning Mat

Welcome to Grizzly Country! You have come face to face with the toughest and most aggressive gun cleaning product there is. While this MILSPEC formula can withstand the harsh -50F Arctic conditions, and even the hottest desert environments (it’s one MEAN S.O.B.), it also has one VERY important characteristic; it is safe.
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Grizzly Mat Gun Cleaning Mat

$19.99 $29.99
Questions? Call:616-288-GUNS

Product Description

·      THICK: Exclusive, custom-designed 6mm mat, thicker than any other gun cleaning mat on the market

·      PROTECTION: Shield your gun & cleaning surface from scratches, while keeping oil & chemicals at bay

·      EDUCATIONAL: Perfect for assembly reference with parts printed clearly on enlarged viewing diagram

·      GUARANTEE: Fits AR-15 & other long guns, rolls & stores easily, has a 100% satisfaction guarantee

·      CUSTOMERS SAY: “Finally, a mat with sharp enough print that you can read the diagram.”


”Much thicker than other mats. You’ll appreciate the extra protection…and a place to comfortably rest your elbows!” | “The cleaning mat you’ve been looking for."


Your gun deserves a Grizzly Mat™ because we know exactly how much you value your firearm.  We’ve heard gun enthusiasts complaining about their cleaning mats being too thin or flimsy, and not providing enough protection for their firearm or cleaning surface.


We’ve created a customized gun cleaning mat made from high-grade material that is 6mm, 100% thicker than anything on the market, with significant cushion and absorption to prevent your firearm or cleaning surface from getting scratched. The non-slip bottom keeps your mat in place too during the cleaning process.


The Grizzly Mat™ is large enough to accommodate most any rifle, with dimensions at 35.75” and 12”. Printed on the gun cleaning mat is an enhanced image of an AR-15 with a numbered overview of each part. No more squinting to read part names because of blurry wording like other products out there. We went through many prototypes until the perfect top material was found that allows for the print to show a crystal clear exploded diagram perfect for your assembly reference.


While cleaning, try out our Grizzly Rope™ Bore Cleaner for quickly cleaning your gun with a single swipe to loosen fragments, scour out remaining residue, and leave a spotlessly clean interior gun barrel. For the ultimate clean, apply our Grizzly Grease™ Non-Toxic CLP gun-cleaning (available separately) to the bore brush.

Once you’re done cleaning, simply roll the mat up and easily store away until next time.


All of our products at Grizzly Gun Care™ come with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked.  Get your gun “Grizzly” clean today by ordering any of our superior Grizzly Gun Care™ products.