Grizzly Rope Bore Cleaner

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”The best gun-cleaning experience available…” | “Makes for a fast and effective clean.”

The Grizzly Rope™ Bore Cleaner was designed by firearm owners with all gun owners in mind. Gone are the days of struggling while cleaning your firearms with patches, rods, and other accessories. This product is the answer to your cleaning woes, doing the job in a single swipe to loosen fragments, scour out remaining residue, and leave a spotlessly clean interior gun barrel.

The detachable bore brush allows you to aggressively clean all areas of your firearms. The bore rope is designed with high-quality material which can be washed separately. You’ll spend less time cleaning and still get an immaculate clean with the assurance that your firearm is 100 percent ready to go on your next adventure.

The Grizzly Rope™ Bore Cleaner comes in six sizes to match your exact caliber needs: 1) .22, .223, 5.56mm, 2) 7mm, .270, .284, .280, 3) .30, .308, 4) 9mm, .357, .380, .38, 5) .45, .44, and 6) .40, .41.

For the ultimate clean, first apply our Grizzly Grease™ Non-Toxic CLP gun-cleaning solvent (available separately) to the bore brush. Always make sure your firearm is unloaded and follow firearm manufacturer instructions. Simply drop the gauge-stamped brass weight down the barrel of the firearm, grab the brass weight at the end of the barrel, and pull The Grizzly Rope™ Bore Cleaner all the way through. Our product ensures full-contact with the barrel, allowing for a precise clean. The brush can be removed from the rope for easier application and aggressive cleaning.

Try out our other products: Grizzly Lube™ and Grizzly Skin™ for firearm lubricant and protectant. All of Grizzly Gun Care™ products are 100% guaranteed and engineered to meet rigorous standards, with the approval as a USDA Certified Bio-Based gun-care product. Order your Grizzly Gun Care™ product today and see why our customers say gun cleaning has never been easier.

  • QUICK & EASY: Fastest single-swipe gun cleaning experience with full-contact brush for spotless bore
  • COMBO: Comes w/ detachable bore brush & gauge-stamped brass weight for dropping right through bore
  • FLEXIBLE: Detachable & changeable bristle brush for aggressively and safely cleaning multiple guns
  • SIZING: Exclusively available in 6 caliber sizes to fit all gun needs w/ 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • CUSTOMERS SAY: “Super easy to use.” | "Excellent quality bore brush for cleaning over & over again."